Our Bikeable Everyday package includes:

• Coaching

Your employees, from beginners to more competent riders, will learn cycling best practice: how to ride on-road safely and with confidence.


• Buddy+ Rides
These are designed to support or kickstart your employees’ independent cycling to work; this includes planned routes to and from work and other useful extras.

Bikeable Everyday is a 5 day (single week) package designed to accommodate up to 12 participants. We aim to get all your employees ready to cycle to work independently by the following week.

Additional packages to allow for extra participants can be run concurrently or consecutively. And if your employees require a bit more of this, or a bit less of that, we can work with you to create a more bespoke package.

Our Bikeable Extra options include:


• Maintenance 

We can provide Dr Bike health checks for your employees’ bikes. We can also deliver accessible, hands-on bike mechanics sessions to your employees that focus on useful skills such as how to fix a puncture, align gears, fit cables, and so on.

• Sportive

British Cycling-style coaching for those interested in club cycling or cyclo-sportive events.


• Team Building

Group cycling sessions in and out of town. Let your employees sit back (in the saddle) and enjoy a bonding cycle ride together.


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